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Children's letters

Here are some letters from supported children:

N 192 Aliona writes:

The Lord has sent us sponsors who were helping us in the difficult period of our life. We received as a gift film "Jesus". I showed it to many of my friends. After watching this film we understood much and now are following the Lord.

With love,
Sister in Christ Aliona

N 193 Anzelika 14 yr. writes:
I want to testify how the Lord blessed me and our home. He gave us sponsors, who helped me in this difficult life. I received the Bible - the Word of God - which I am reading now every day. Through the Word of God I learned how Jesus suffered for our sins and how much He payed to redeem us. I share about God in my school a lot and I also share with many of my friends. I think that they will soon turn towards our Lord.
Let the lord bless you!

Your sister in Christ,

(V 249):
Dear Supporters, Thank you for your support. I give thanks for your support foundation, through which the support is delivered to me. Thank you, for I received a new coat and warm winter shoes. I needed them badly, since our winters are very cold. Thank you for the gifts that I get because of your help. Let God blesses you!

(S 265):
Thank you very much for your help. If not this help, I do not know how we would survive...

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