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Give Children Hope Program

Give Children Hope sponsorship program offers you an opportunity to touch the life of one child who desperately needs your help. Will you be the one?

Children in Lithuania Are Suffering
Somewhere in Lithuania a little girl is hungry... a little boy can't attend school because he has no shoes.

Thousands of children in Lithuania suffer hardship and hunger. They endure hard living conditions without any hope of a better future. Most will never be told that Jesus loves and cares for them.

God Can Use You to Make a Difference
In the face of these great needs, one can feel overwhelmed. You may want to help, but don't know what to do. As a Give Children Hope sponsor, you can ignite a spark of hope in the life of one child. You can become a special friend to one child who desperately needs someone to care.

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 A few dollars each month can provide the basic necessities your child needs. Along with the food, clothing and educational opportunities comes the message that God loves them, and that a very special friend loves them too.

Give a Child Help and Hope
Reach out in love to a needy child today! If you would like to sponsor a child, please fill out this form and we will send you more information. We will keep you informed through our periodic updates.

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Somewhere in Lithuania a child awaits your compassionate response. You can even develop a special relationship with your child! We will show you how to correspond one-on-one with the child you are helping. 

Please say "yes" today and give help and hope to a needy child.

A smooth work of child's sponsorship program is ensured by "Give Children Hope" program's volunteers from our partner churches. They personally visit children's homes and make sure, that support is indeed reaching needy children. 

The only paid workers in the children's program are bookkeeper and translator (which makes sure that your letters to children and v.v. would get translated). 

For more information on child sponsorship program click here

Please write us now, because every day matters!


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