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Charity foundation "Romumas" (before - "Kristus Tautoms") was organized in 1996 in Lithuania by a group of Baptist pastors and ministers who became aware of existing needs in Lithuania for both material and spiritual support. This group, together with the "Christ To The Nations" Baptist mission, accepted the responsibility of helping to meet these needs. 

We strive to live by faith and to obey Christ's commandments in:

  1. sharing the Good News with all who would listen;
  2. helping the poor physically, so that they would have a practical example of God's love towards them;
  3. supporting churches to fulfill their purpose. 

Using the links at left, you may learn about the Purpose, Beliefs and Work of Romumas.

Please visit our children's support pages. In supporting children of Lithuania we work with individual sponsors and also in partnership with World Help Child Sponsorship program (USA).


Lithuanian Registered Charity and Support Fund,  Registered Charity No. 193194372
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